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The key to getting ahead is getting started!

We all want to progress, but it's not possible without action. It's never too late to be or do what you want . Consistency is the key to progress. Whatever goal you want to achieve, work towards it, and you will do just that. Even baby steps lead you somewher

Don’t rely on someone else for your happiness.

If you don't know who you are then you provide a open  platform for others to tell you who and what you are. Insecurities and self doubt allow others to have control and manipulate. Don't give anyone the power to feel they can build or brake you. Find the pure in self, understand you, and be the reason for your happiness.

Embrace all life experiences.

 Don't just appreciate the happy moments. Appreciate those moments that couldn't destroy you. Those hardships that matured you, helped you elevate,  and prepared you to defeat the next obstruction. We have to realize that nothing is ever perfect. Big or small, there will always be an obstacle to overcome. Without obstacles, how could we grow or  gain understanding of life. 

It's a secret

A Secret

 life could be tricky; Putting others before self is promoted as if it's a good thing. Though it may seem and feel good, it's actually not. It immediately destroys self-confidence and happiness. This can easily become a repetitive behavior. Many don't realize, but putting other's happiness before your own eventually leads you to a state of depression. Everything you need and desire becomes invisible. You become invisible.



Juliet Castenda


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  • Reality TV Star

A little about Juliet Casteneda

JuJu was born in Brooklyn New York and raised in Miami.

Her parents are both cuban, and she embraces being Cuban American. She refers to herself as Afro- Latina. 

In 2017  she graduated from Barry University with her Master’s in Administration. 

 Shortly after  juju appeared as a main cast member in season 8  of VH1's Love and Hip Hop: New York , and then proceeded on to release her new book "Secret Of A Jewel" based around Women Empowerment. 


Queens Should Be Acknowledged

I selected JuJu as this week's WCW because she's a representation of a queen. I discovered her on LHHNY. I found it intriguing that she used the platform to promote positivity and productivity. I fell in aww with her personality, appearance, and how intelligence. I love the way she articulates her self and is able to express without offending/ harming others.  Drama is unlady like activity and I like that  it's something she avoids or either defuse. JuJu is pretty solid when it comes to GIRL CODE. For a long time and still til this day, their aren't many women who stand firm in their character and what they believe in. She definitely crosses me as a very classy, intelligent, driven, strong willed feminist. Her presence demands attention and she's very confident. Theres no need to question morals.  I see a woman who knows her worth and is assure of who she is and what she wants. Respect is not a option.

Karmen Roze